Leasing EFL offers its customers the speed - take a decision 15 minutes, flexibility - able to adapt to the needs of the customer, availability - have mobile advisers, security - are the largest lessor in Poland.

Leasing Idea Banku is available on new and used equipment. The main advantages of this product: already in the initial decision 5 minutes, Leasing has been awarded since the first day of business, as well as a statement. The customer immediately receives a decision.

Loans to businesses:

EFL Leasing

Money in the account, even in 15 minutes, credit from beginning to end through the Internet without leaving home,
amount of 500 zł to 150 000 zł, convenient term of the loan: from 3 of 84 months,
automatic repayment installments in your selected date, possibility to suspend repayments of 1-3 months

To Deutsch Bank loan on whether 150 000 zł without leaving home, Customers can count, who opt for a cash loan with Deutsche Bank. Fast credit decision is made even 10 minutes, and fill out a short form of contact can select your preferred contact time consultant.

Non-repayable loans:

Non-refundable loan even 15 thousand. additional capital for the company, the ability to repay the loan redemption, lack of required internship business.